Saturday, May 17, 2014

Introducing MyMisi, A Site for Buying and Selling Handmade

I'm always interested to learn about unique venues where people can buy and sell products online. I recently heard about MyMisi, a site where the goal is to create a marketplace for buying and selling handmade products where people also feel a sense of community.

One thing I liked about the site right away is that it's easy to navigate, with a menu across the top which links to different categories on the site. Looking at the categories, I like that there's a special category for personalized items. You can sort items in a category to narrow the results--for example, you can narrow your search to view only "made to order" items. I think these are some cool features which would allow you as a buyer to partner with an artist/craftsperson to find just the right item you want, and as a seller, you would have the chance to set up shop and do small commissions within the framework of a larger marketplace (which, let's face it, always helps in bringing in more customers!).

Here are a couple of examples of products I saw on MyMisi. First, here's a hand-carved jewelry piece that I thought was pretty impressive!

And in the baby and child section, I found a lot of very sweet knitted items. Who could resist these little bunny slippers?

I think it's great that more sites are coming on the scene to help buyers and sellers find each other online. I will be keeping an eye on MyMisi to see how it continues to grow!

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