Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love Those Crazy Shirts

With the holidays and then a new quarter starting (my day job is teaching), I haven't had much time to post to this blog, even though it is close to my heart! Well, I decided I had better post this week because I wanted to mention a great brand of t-shirts to sell on eBay: Crazy Shirts.

You can recognize the brand by the logo, which is generally on the sleeve and always on the tag inside the collar. It's a brand of tee sold in Hawaii. I think people love it because it reminds them of relaxing on vacation... Also, a lot of the tees have funny designs. If you ever find any of the Crazy Shirts with cats drawn by an artist named Kliban, you definitely want to buy them as they are especially popular.

Another cool thing this brand does is make specialty-dyed tees. I have seen Crazy Shirts dyed with Kona coffee and others dyed with lavender. Generally I find Crazy Shirts in the men's department, but the lavender dyed tees are sold in women's sizes.

You will find all sorts of fun designs from this label, including beer-themed tees which are a popular seller in general. I actually stumbled onto the brand through a beer-themed tee I happened to find at the Goodwill one day. Of course I enjoy a good beer-themed tee, and I really love a tee with a cat on it, but so far, the tee below is my favorite of the Crazy Shirts I've found.

I would say that these tees sell for an average of around $20, and you can often find them for just a dollar or two. The Kliban cat ones can go for more. If you have any Crazy Shirts tips to share, we'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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