Thursday, January 30, 2014

Indie Entrepreneurs Are Doing It for Themselves

Of course I love eBay, or I wouldn't have started this blog! But I also love stories about independent business owners who got their start on eBay and similar selling communities and then expanded into their own web businesses that they host themselves. I just wrote up a profile of one such shop, Cartrell General Merchandising, on my With Five Questions blog; I hope you'll check out the story. You can also click directly over to Cartrell General to explore the site for yourself.

I have also enjoyed learning about a lot of people's stories by following a few different online selling communities on Facebook. If you search for "eBay" on Facebook, you'll start finding a lot of groups. I have followed a number of different groups and ultimately found a group I really like. It can be inspiring to talk to other online sellers, especially when you're having a moment of frustration.

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