Monday, December 9, 2013

Go Beyond Your Personal Taste

Much of my thrifting and online selling is centered around stuff I like. It's easier to have an interest in searching through racks and shelves of things I enjoy, and I don't even mind getting organized around storing things when it's stuff I get a kick out of looking at, like unique books and clever t-shirts. A lot of times I just buy stuff that I like and have a feeling that other people will like.

But of course you have to learn to expand your scope a bit as a seller. I mean, I'm no arbiter of taste, right? People like all sorts of stuff that I wouldn't necessarily want to buy. It's always a bit of a pleasure for me when I buy something a bit outside of my personal tastes which ends up selling right away--then I tell myself, hey, my instincts are pretty good about what sells!

I listed this Ronald Reagan tee this past Saturday, and it sold on Sunday. I knew when I saw it at Goodwill that just because I might not wear a Reagan tee doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't love it!

I guess you could say the Gipper won one for me.

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