Friday, February 14, 2014

Just Call Me Your Personal Thrift Shopper

I'm not fashion-conscious enough to ever be a personal shopper, but sometimes I feel like I'm a personal thrift shopper for the people who buy items from me on eBay. I enjoyed thrifting for many years before I ever started selling anything on eBay, but of course my purchases were limited by the scope of what I personally could use or stuff that I knew my family and friends might enjoy. With selling stuff on eBay, I can always find something at the thrift store that I know will just be perfect for somebody out there, even though I don't really know who that somebody is...

Well, sometimes I buy things that the right somebody doesn't happen to see for quite a long time, but such is life. This week I was glad to sell this retro-style t-shirt. I have a weakness for tees with lettering that reminds me of the old-school iron-on lettering from the t-shirts of my youth. And I figured someone would get a kick out of the reference to MySpace.

The shirt was listed for months and months; I listed it sometime last summer, and it just sold now in February. But the cool thing was that the guy who bought it said he was glad to find it as he was going to be able to use it in a photo shoot. It just seemed cool to me that months later, this tee I found at the thrift shop was going to be in a photo shoot.

I think it's fair to say that I'm one of those people who love the simple pleasures in life. Thrift shopping and eBay sometimes have a way of brightening my day.

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