Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Continuing to Be Patient

Do you ever list something for sale and think it will sell quickly, only to find it languishing in your sales listings, month after month? I imagine this happens to all of us, and probably more often than we'd like. I know I posted recently about thrifting and waiting; the Zildjian tee I mentioned in that post still hasn't sold, unfortunately.

It's always a thrill when one of those lingering items finally does sell. That happened for me this week when I sold this Billabong hoodie that I bought at the Goodwill Outlet over the summer. I'd thought with the skull design and the thick, comfy fabric, it would sell right away. Oh well. It sold over the weekend; I had listed it multiple times at auction and as a buy it now with different prices. It finally sold for just over $13, plus shipping. I probably paid a a dollar or two for it, since it was part of a "by-the-pound" purchase.

I see a lot of Billabong stuff selling on eBay, but it hasn't been too lucky for me so far. I have another Billabong t-shirt that's been hanging around since October. I think it will sell eventually, too. I bought it for a dollar at a rummage sale, so no worries.

T-shirts don't take up much space, so it doesn't bother me too much to wait for them to sell. I do have a couple that I might just need to accept as ones that aren't going to sell, but then again, you never know...

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