Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sometimes Slowly Sometimes Quickly

I was just writing a post in my blog about View-Master reels and remarking how you never know what will sell on eBay. I love selling View-Master sets; they tend to sell pretty slowly, and they aren't big money-makers, but I just love them. As with anything else, with the reels, I never really know which ones will sell and which ones will hang around in my eBay listings for weeks (or months) on end.

Same with t-shirts. Sometimes I get a feeling that a shirt will sell quickly, and sometimes I'm right, but other times, I buy something and think it will be a quick sale, and it's not. Luckily, I'm pretty patient. I try to think of it like putting pennies in a piggy bank; eventually a buyer comes along, and it was worth it to spend the time thrifting, photographing, listing, etc.

A good example of this is a t-shirt I bought with the logo for Zildjian cymbals; I knew the logo right away when I saw it at the thrift store as I recognized it from my days of taking guitar lessons as a kid. It's a black tee, and it looks brand new. I figured a drummer was going to snap the shirt up right away. But there are a lot of similar shirts out there, and no one has bought mine yet. I've tried it at auction; I've tried it at fixed price. I think it will sell eventually!

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