Monday, July 22, 2013

Selling What You Like

I'm just getting started on eBay. Several weeks ago, when I first began to think about the possibility of selling, Suzanne (who has sold on eBay on and off for many years) gave me this advice: sell something you like, and choose something that's lightweight for easy shipping. I think this makes good sense for getting started because it keeps me motivated and keeps things pretty simple.

So what do I like? Well, for one thing, I like t-shirts. I've browsed for t-shirts at thrift stores for years; I think I was around 20 when my brother got me started on thrifting for tees. Plus, at the Goodwill stores in my area, most tees are priced at 99 cents each. So I've been starting my eBay selling by listing t-shirts. The nice thing about thrifting tees to sell is that when I find a cool shirt, I'm not disappointed if it's not in my size!

So far, this is the shirt I've had the best return on investment for (not counting the tees from cleaning out my own closet). It sold for $28.

I'd never heard of the Galactic Cowboys when I spotted the shirt, but I saw that it was from their tour in 1993, and it was in great condition for a shirt from 20 years ago, so I bought it on a hunch. I actually paid more than 99 cents for it; I guess I was feeling adventurous! I'm not a smartphone user, so I couldn't just look up the shirt online.

I've been thinking about getting a smartphone for my thrifting, but I've held out so far, and honestly I kind of like the pleasure of following a hunch and finding out that I picked out a winner.

What do you like to sell?

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