Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello from Suzanne

I decided to become a eBay seller about 8 years ago. One thing I really like is books. So I sold some of the books I had and used that money to start a small book selling business named Jack Spratt Books.

Every Sat. I would go to garage sales and look for books to buy to sell. I found that by the time books were in thrift stores they were already marked up. For the best profit I found buying books before they were in stores was best.

Then came the Smart Phone.  I could not afford the first few that came out. Unfortunately for me enough booksellers could to put a big dent in my business. I had all my book knowledge in my brain. What a first edition looked like, what the most popular sellers were, what specific books to look for etc... That was the fun part of buying for me.

Once people had Smart Phones they were able to go to the garage sales, see the books, look them up on the phone and see what they were being sold for online. This put me behind many sellers. Almost five years ago with the Smart Phones coming out and changes eBay and Amazon made I ended up selling most of my inventory for a few dollars and giving away those books that were "failures". Jack Spratt Books went out of business. However I adapted and learned what "things" sell on eBay and began selling a variety of different items.

I hope to continue to post on this blog and share my ideas, some of my worst mistakes and a few of my best sellers. Thanks.

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