Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starbucks Bearista Bears

The Starbucks coffee line of plush teddy bears includes some very cute bears dressed in nice outfits. I found a golf-themed one for a friend's birthday--the little bear was wearing a golf outfit complete with a cap, and was carrying a set of clubs. I also found a winter-themed bear wearing a puffy jacket layered over a sweater. The level of detail in the bears is very nice, and you can generally find them for just a dollar or two each at thrift stores.

As with anything else, the price varies a lot on the bears. As of the other day, I hadn't listed any on eBay yet although I'd bought a couple that I've been meaning to list. Then Trish visited a few thrift stores while I was running some errands, and she had found a bearista bear dressed in a puppy costume and carrying a Chinese lantern--it's a bear made in 2006 to celebrate the year of the dog. Turns out that there's a series of international bears themed for different years in the Chinese lunar calendar, and they are very collectible! So rather than "meaning to list" this new bear, we photographed it right away!

Here's the listing for our Chinese New Year Bearista Bear. I listed this with a pretty high fixed price because there are very few of these bears available. We'll see what happens!

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