Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finding and Selling Toys for Collectors of All Ages

It's interesting to learn about some of the many different collectibles which sell on eBay. Trish has been researching the Littlest Pet Shop toys because a few of these are in high demand, and it's a bit of a mystery as to which ones are the hot sellers. LPS is a series of little animal figures for kids, and you can buy different playsets for your little pets (houses, treehouses, vet centers, etc). Most of the little animal figures go for just a buck or two each, but there are a few that will sell for a lot more.

Turns out we had a little collie dog that was a high-demand pet, and when Trish listed it, we could see right away that lots of people were viewing it and adding it to their watch lists. It ended up selling today for just over $30. If only all of our LPS toys were like the collie, but alas...!

I think of the LPS toys as being collected by kids, and I've got to wonder if people buy the pricey individual pets to help their kids complete their collections, or if the adults are collectors, too.

Another collectible we recently learned about is a teddy bear named Muffy Vanderbear. There's a whole subcategory on eBay for Muffy-related items under the larger dolls and bears category. We picked up a bunch of odds and ends at a $1/bag sale at the end of a Daughters of the American Revolution fundraiser sale a couple weeks ago, and it turns out we'd bought a little plush cat named Purrlie. Purrlie is Muffy Vanderbear's cat. I didn't know there was a teddy bear out there who had her own cat, but you learn things every day!

I'm pretty sure that Muffy and her friends are collected more by adults than kids. I was telling my mom about Purrlie, and she said she has a friend who has a Muffy doll on display and dresses the bear up in different outfits for different seasons.

We lucked into getting a whole set of Purrlie-related items at the DAR sale, including Purrlie's cushion and basket, and three little costumes. We just listed these as a lot, so we'll see what happens. Here's our Purrlie getting ready for a nap in her basket.

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