Friday, August 9, 2013

Personal Bests

I keep sort of a running log in my head of my "bests" so far on eBay. I feel strongly that it helps to sell something you love, and I love t-shirts. On other blogs and in Facebook groups, I read about eBay sellers who don't like to bother selling items that bring in less than, say, $50. But for me, I like the (mostly!) small-ticket sales that come from t-shirts.

Last night I was photographing some new t-shirt finds to list on eBay, and I received an offer for a t-shirt I was selling with a design for The 24-Hour Church of Elvis. I knew it was a cool shirt when I found it, and it turns out it's a relatively rare shirt as it was handmade by an artist in Portland. And its sale is my new personal best in terms of a t-shirt sale. It wasn't $50, but it was more than my average $10 (give or take!) sale.

I think I had another personal best this week, too, in terms of quickest turn-around on selling an item I'd listed. I sold a couple of 6-packs of blank microcassette tapes within hours after listing them. This was my first try at selling blank tapes; I've been reading that blank media can be a good seller because people want to locate tapes, discs, etc, for their older electronics.

It may have been beginner's luck with the MC tapes as I haven't sold the other audiotapes I've listed, but we'll see what happens when I get the VHS tapes listed that I found at my most recent thrift store visit.

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