Sunday, August 18, 2013

Open to Possibilities

One of the biggest things that helps in being an eBay seller is, I think, being open to new possibilities. Recently, my partner (Trish) and I started finding a lot of Littlest Pet Shop toys at thrift stores and garage sales. So we figured we might want to be open to the possibility of selling these toys on eBay. It turns out that they are pretty popular. And look how cute they are--here's a peacock from the series.

There are many different LPS figures and playsets. We started piecing together different figures with different playsets to make groupings to sell on eBay. Well, we just listed our first few lots of LPS items last week, and we sold our first one for just under $40. This was the first sale Trish posted on her own account as our previous listings had been on my account, so it was extra nice that this was her first sale!

Not that I turn my nose up at teeny tiny sales, of course! I was happy to sell a couple of Batman Happy Meal toys as a $5 lot this weekend, in fact.

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