Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two Fun T-Shirts

I know I've chosen something (vintage t-shirts) to sell on eBay that's a good match for me because I get so much enjoyment out of some of the t-shirts I find. Here are a couple I found this week for 99 cents each at my local Goodwill. I know someone out there would love to wear these shirts.

I'd be somewhat tempted to keep them if they were my size, even though I was never a Game Boy owner myself (just gotta love the retro design of the shirt and the cleverness of the whole shirt becoming a Game Boy). I appreciate the commentary on iPods in the first shirt. :)

Luckily not everything is my size, or my t-shirt collection would be out of control. I did buy and keep a vintage 1990s Mr. Bean t-shirt for $3 this week!

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